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We are associated with the:
General Association of
Regular Baptist Churches

 *    Baptist Distinctives
  B    Bible As Sole Authority
  A    Autonomy Of The Local Church
  P    Priesthood Of The Believer
  T    Two Offices: Pastor & Deacons
  I    Individual Soul Liberty
  S    Seperation Of Church & State
  T    Two Ordinances: Baptism & Communion
  S    Saved & Baptized Church Membership

We are an independent and fundamental church with a senior pastor as an undershepherd, and the Holy Spirit of God as the Overshepherd; following the Bible as the only God-inspired manual, and the example of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; looking for the soon appearing of Jesus to take us to His prepared home for all eternity.
Fair Haven

We Believe:

Church Constitution
   The Scriptures    The True God
   Jesus Christ    Priesthood of Christ
   The Holy Spirit    The Devil, Satan
   Creation    Fall of Man
   The Virgin Birth    Salvation
   Resurrection    Priesthood of Christ
   Grace, New Birth    Justification
   Sanctification    Eternal Security
   The Church    Separation
   Baptism    The Lord's Supper
   Civil Government    Israel
   The Rapture    Subsequent Events
   The Righteous    The Wicked


Fair Haven Baptist Church
1111 Douglas, Kansas City, KS 66103
(913) 342-0135