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/ Australia

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Don & Lola Winans in Australia
October 5, 2010


For good health and strength.
Recent rains have increased water levels to 42%.
Faithful financial support inspite of US economy.
For God's continual faithfulness
New visitors now coming regularly.


Salvation of souls
World leaders and governements.
God's preparation of a future pastor for Grace.
That the Christian world would be busy about their Father's business.
Spiritual growth for the men of the church.

Dear Prayer Partners,
How many times have I said lately that "life is just too busy!"? We've had a lot going on and the Lord has been blessing. I'll give you a quick update:

1. Little Big Day Out - our children's outreach for the year was a great success. We had prepared for 60 children but also prayed that the exact kids wouldbe there that the Lord wanted. Our goal was to reach children for the Lord and families for the church. Only 31 children attended but the day went very well. The stories, song, verses and crafts were geared to "Digging for Buried Treasure" in God's Word. We gave each child a New Testament and several of them had never even heard of the Bible or God before! Already we are seeing some results; one little boy has come to Sunday School twice since then and another mother has asked for a visit. Keep praying that the seeds will sprout and bear fruit. Here is a photo of some of the children reading their New Testaments as they "dug" into their memeory verse.

2. We did get off for a few days break last week. We spent five nights seeing great scenery, sleeping in and relaxing. We'd been back over a year and were really ready for some time away. Praise the Lord for people who are well able to fill our responsibilities while we were away.

3. Evangelism courses for both our Ladies and Men's groups are going well. We're doing a video series on how to share Christ and we've all been challenged by it.

4. Mark and Sarah Pitts, appointees with BMM, are now at 79%. Our prayer is that churches will take on their support and that they will soon be working with us here at Grace.

As always, we want you to know that we don't take your prayer and financial support lightly,

In Christ,
Lola Winans for the both of us.

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